Bill White Limited has acquired Studio 1887 Limited, based in Edinburgh, Scotland. The newly incorporated subsidiary is now wholly-owned by Bill White Limited. Studio 1887 Limited owns and operates the Studio 1887 Gallery, which exhibits selected artists and houses a considerable collection of works by Marc Chagall, Itzchak Tarkay, Melissa Meyer and Ram ben Ze'ev as well as other noted artists.

The Gallery is free to visit and is open to the general public. Private viewings are available upon request and subject to availability. Selected works are available to purchase, though not all artists' works are for sale.

All media and advertising is overseen by Meadhanan Limited.

For more information about Studio 1887 please visit the company's website.

I'm Bill White, founding CEO of WireNews, which is owned by my company Bill White Limited (BWVC). Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, BW provides equity finance regardless of location or industry. If you have a unique idea get in touch. I am happy to sign NDAs and will consider your project and give you a quick answer one way or the other. Once I give you my word, we'll have a commitment and unlike other VCs, creatures of Teutonic mythology, and the like, I will not back out or try to convert you into a loan arrangement. I can also offer professional non-executive director services and an advisory service that is separate from VC services.

I am a proud Jewish, American and living in the UK since July 1989, my Hebrew name is Ram ben Ze'ev (רם בן זאב) and I do a bit of painting on the side. Making an initial pitch... check out our investment page first.

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